The way that we get to know more about ourselves, each other, and dare I say - God Himself - is in the context of community.  Working through the Bible and trying to process it on your own is a great thing, but it should never stop there.  You should always be bringing in others to help you.  That is why at RUF we engage the scriptures in the more intimate context of a small group Bible study.  We simply need each other.

Spring 2016 Small Groups

Community Groups - Tuesday nights at 7 - Small groups of guys or girls meeting weekly in a student's home for fellowship, prayer and study. Fill out this form or email John Martin (petersjm@appstate.edu) / Madelyn (sharpml@appstate.edu) to get involved. Rides are available.

The Brunch Bunch - Saturdays at 11:30am - Intern Derek's Apt (270 Oak St - Across 321 from Hoey Hall) - Freshman guys eating brunch and studying the Bible together - Email Derek for more info (derek.nelsen@ruf.org)

Tuesday BAE-gels - Tuesday mornings at 8 - Boone Bagelry on King St - All women welcome to this breakfast study of the Psalms - Email Audrey for more info (fieldsae@appstate.edu)

Sunday Family Night - Hang out at Chris and Sara Jane Horne's house for tea and discussion - Doesn't happen every Sunday so keep an eye on social media or text Chris (9124813510)