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We love ministering to students through Reformed University Fellowship at App. Roll over any portrait to see our contact information, and please send us any questions you may have!


  chris.horne@ruf.org  |  (912) 481-3510

chris.horne@ruf.org  |  (912) 481-3510

The Horne family serve with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Appalachian State University. Chris is from Byron, GA and came to faith through the ministry of RUF at Georgia Southern University. After college, Chris met Sara, a Pennsylvania girl, at the Savannah College of Art & Design, where he was interning for RUF and she was studying textile design. After seminary (and a few detours), the Hornes, now joined by daughters Georgia, Bonnie and Rosemary, came up the mountain to beautiful Boone, NC. They love doing life and ministry as a family with App State students.


  olivia.calhoun@ruf.org | (336) 655-7808

olivia.calhoun@ruf.org | (336) 655-7808

Olivia Calhoun was involved in RUF and leadership in RUF at Appstate for most of her college career. She graduated with a degree in Art, even though she probably tried out every other major they offer at Appalachian. She is a kind and intelligent woman who reflects God’s love and beauty onto those around her. She brings a fresh perspective on ideas and is quick love groups or individuals who are usually pushed aside.  She is best known as the founder and CEO of GOD BLESS THE PUGS ®, a foundation that is devoted to finding loving homes for pugs who suffer from seasonal allergies. She will serve as an intern for RUF at Appstate, specifically working with freshman girls.  It is with the same compassion with which she loves the freshman girl or the sniffling pup. But is there really even much of a difference between the two?  


  c.garrett.mcmillan@gmail.com |   (910) 524-0996

c.garrett.mcmillan@gmail.com | (910) 524-0996

Garrett McMillan was a part of Appstate RUF for the last few years of college. His passionate and compassionate personality made him perfect for serving in leadership for RUF. Having graduated with a degree in Communication Studies this past year, RUF at Appstate could not afford to lose the valuable commodity that is Garrett. He has been as devoted to serving the students on our campus, as he has been devoted to maintaining the lie that his hair is naturally red. Garrett is quick to get his hair dyed before his roots grow out.